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The importance of edge banding

The importance of edge banding

Are sheet edges important? Is it necessary to seal all four sides of the board? The answer is yes! And it is recommended to seal the edges on all sides, and the workmanship should be good! Furniture edge sealing strip is a kind of material to protect, decorate and beautify furniture boards. It can highlight the overall effect of clear wood grain and color of a house.

In addition to its decorative function, edge banding has three main functions (and an important reason why it should be sealed!):

First, fix the section of the plate to avoid the peeling of the edge during the environment and use;

The second is to prevent volatilization inside the formaldehyde board;

Third, it also has a very important impact on moisture-proof and waterproof! So not only the edge, but also the craftsmanship! High-quality edge banding makes your furniture more environmentally friendly!